Bando DGR n. 90 del 27.01.20 – 4.2.1

NOTICE: FSC 2014-2020. Special section PSC ex POR FESR 2014-2020 - DGR N. 90 of 27/01/2020 - 4.2.1 "Incentives aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of companies and production areas".


ACTION: 4.2.1 - Incentives aimed at reducing energy consumption and gas emissions

climate-altering of companies and production areas including the installation of plants for the production of energy from renewable sources for self-consumption, giving priority to high-efficiency technologies.

Interventions carried out:

- Compressor replacement in the production process.

- Sila1 and Sila2 LED lighting system replacement.

- Installation of n. 2 electric economizers.

- Installation of n. 2 photovoltaic systems from:

SILA 1: 170.94 kWp

SILA 2: 308.00 kWp



Animal nutrition

Aut. ITα000002VE according to Reg. (EC) n.183/2005
Aut. N. αITM00001VE according to Reg. (CE) n.1831/2005



Animal nutrition

Aut. αIT000570VE according to Reg. (EC) n.183/2005 & Reg. (CE) n.1831/2005

sila food


Human nutrition

Aut. n. IT 27026131 For the production of food supplements and food for special medical purposes

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SILA is certified ISO 9001: 2015, which identifies a set of standards and guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO), which defines the requirements for the implementation of a quality management system in all phases of conception, production up the delivery of the product / service offered.

fami qs

SILA is certified FAMI-QS, an European code of best practices for companies operating in the field of additives and pre-mixes for animal feed, aimed at the management of processes and products that ensure the health and hygiene safety mode.

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SILA is certified GMP + Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) a system to ensure that products are produced and controlled according to quality standards. GMP covers all aspects of the production of source materials, premises and equipments for training and the personal hygiene of staff.


Sila is certified RSPO which assesses a range of environmental and social criteria to be respected in order to produce Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) to minimize the negative enviromental impacts.

RSPO n. 9-1708-16-100-00

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Quality and food safety policy.




Niacin, also known as vitamin B3 or vitamin PP, is a substance that plays very important functions in the human and animal metabolism. In fact, it is the precursor of coenzyme involved in redox reactions by which the body draws energy for its activities. SILA has patented NO FLASHING niacin, able to slowly release in the organism, without side effects.


Europe & PCT extension

With the collective term CLA is intended to describe a mixture of conjugated dienoic isomers, derived from linoleic acid, very unstable and chemically reactive in nature. The patented stabilization and slow release technology of CLA, designed by our research and development laboratory, makes it protagonist in numerous physiological and metabolic functions in animal and human nutrition.

Sodium Butyrate

Europe & PCT extension

The sodium salt of butyric acid, despite its high tendency to dissociate, presents interesting biological effects on the digestive system, stimulating the growth of the intestinal villi and modifying the development of gastro-enteric micro-organisms in favor of lactic acid bacteria. The patented formulation in microcapsules with LSC technology barrier effect, allows the sodium butyrate to reach the colon/rectum.

marchio evviva

Contributes to the improvement of the life quality of our Pet in a natural way, through nutraceutical dietary supplements for PET, that combine nutritional function with preventive one

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marchio butycin

A complex of organic acids in protected form, meets the essential oils to act synergistically in the gut

marchio lsc

Patented formulation in microcapsules, through LSC technology with barrier effect, that allows the sodium butyrate to reach the colon/rectum.

marchio levinia pass

To improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of yeasts

marchio micro acid

Complex of organic and inorganic acids microencapsulated that regulate intestinal fermentation, without altering gastric and enzymatic activities.

marchio butyrose

A food for special medical purposes, based on sodium butyrate LSC Microcaps. For dietary intake of people with colon deseases with altered tropism of the intestinal mucosa.

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marchio silbutyr

Protected Sodium butyrate with immunostimulant and antibacterial action, to ensure intestinal health and performance

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It’s a line of nutritional supplements for human use, in chewable tablets form with original formulas, produced in Switzerland and distributed by SILA for the national market.