Animal Nutrition

The almost twenty years experience of microencapsulation specialists in animal nutrition and the detailed knowledge of market requirements, has led to the creation of a range of microencapsulated and highly technological microgranular products, to meet the latest demands of the livestock and provide its customers timely responses with rational, secure and functional solutions. The attention to quality, from the selection of raw materials to the continuous development of new projects and compliance with good manufacturing practices, are the foundation of our work, to ensure the highest quality throughout the production process.

prodotti sila vitamine


Vitamins are irreplaceable nutrients for animals since they guarantee the health and productivity of the subject, especially during times of high stress. Some vitamins need to be protected because of the interaction between negative elements present in mixtures or to ensure the rumen by pass (eg nicotinic acid 50% coated NIAPASS). To sustain high production levels, it's necessary to cover the most of both fat-soluble and hydrosoluble vitamins requirements. An extra dose of vitamins is important in situations related to different factors of stress - post partum, immunizations, transportation, summer - and in cases of enteric origin diseases, because they cause a vitamins malabsorption in the diet.

prodotti sila pufa


The polyunsaturated fatty acids (P.U.F.A.) play a structural role in cell membranes protecting and enhancing their functionality. The micro-encapsulation technology developed by SILA laboratory secures P.U.F.A. by the oxidative rancidity processes to which are particularly vulnerable, in order to fully ensure their effectiveness and the real intake. Of particular interest are the protected essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can only be taken through the diet. Microencapsulated CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) in fact, increases production, reduces oxidative stress, increases fertility, exerts an anti-inflammatory action favoring the general state of health and also reduces the excretion of urea improving the environmental impact.

sila prodotti acidi organici

Organic Acids

Microencapsulated acidifiers are used in veterinary feeding to meet the increasing interest in the nutritional strategies with antibiotic-like activity. Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003 prohibits the use of antibiotics as growth stimulators and acidifiers appear as a viable alternative.
The innovative technology of microencapsulation allows the protection and a slow release of the active ingredients, without altering gastric and enzymatic activities. The acidifiers regulate the intestinal microflora in favor of the lactic and act as antimicrobials directly attacking the bacterial cell.

prodotti sila aminoacidi

Amino Acids

Amino acids are an essential component to meet the correct protein needs. The microencapsulation studied by SILA laboratory protects this category of elements from degradative phenomena, by alterations for negative interactions, ensuring a slow release of the contents and a full absorption, as for the Methionine Choline or for the 25% coated (VETACHOL). One of the most important objectives in fact, is to obtain maximum production efficiency, limiting both and the environmental impact that the economic losses.

sila prodotti oligo alimenti

Trace Elements

Supplementation of essential minerals is very important in feedingstuffs, because all animal species are subjected to mineral deficiencies caused by an unbalanced diet or difficulties in intestinal absorption. In this field SILA has developed and studied (in particular for the Selenium with SILSEL RBP) a specific coating to protect the microelement by insolubilization and transformation processes ensuring a better absorption and effectiveness.

prodotti sila oli essenziali

Essential Oils

Essential oils are increasingly important in animal nutrition. Protected essential oils exert polyvalent therapeutic activities, including the ability to modulate the fermentation at rumen and intestinal level, with significant results in environmental and productive terms. The microencapsulation especially allows to stabilize and minimize the losses, due to the volatility and the negative interaction with other substances present in feedingstuffs.

prodotti sila premiscela


The Premixes made in our company are the result of cutting-edge research and development methodologies, to meet the high quality standards of our customers. Our formulations contain all the components for a vitamin, mineral, oligo and protein balanced diet. The premixes are also customized according to age and performance demands, the high technological profile allows their use in all animal life phases.

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Evviva nutraceutical supplements are suitable for dogs, cats, horses and exploit the natural principles of nutrition to prevent the emergence of diseases typical of certain species, to promote the overall health or delay aging, to combat stress, especially for sport, work, hunting and exhibition animals. Evviva nutraceuticals ensure the real and total intake of the active ingredients contained in each product thanks to the technology of Microencapsulation.